国家眼镜产品质量监督检验中心于2006年6月经国家质量监督检验检疫总局批准成立,开展的项目均通过了国家计量认证、授权和实验室认可,同时通过了与CNAS签署的国际多边协议,实现了在本中心一次检测,全球承认的目标。中心拥有一支技术力量雄厚、素质优良,集检验分析、标准研究、科研开发于一体的人才队伍,现有专业技术人员26名,其中教授3名,高级工程师4名,工程师16名,助理工程师3名。实验室面积4700㎡,恒温恒湿实验室60㎡,拥有国产仪器设备40台(套),进口设备35台(套),设备资产总值2400万元,设备配置在国内、国际处于领先水平,是国内、国际最具权威的国家级眼镜质检中心。目前本中心已被全国工业产品生产许可证办公室授权为全国眼镜工业产品生产许可证发证检验机构,同时也是CE、E-mark等产品认证指定实验室。   中心下设部门:总工室、标准信息研究室、业务部、技术部、检验部、市场发展部、研发中心。   中心检测范围: 眼镜检测项目覆盖了所有眼镜产品相关的国家标准、行业标准、以及ISO、EN、ANSI、BS、DIN等相关标准,完全具备对眼镜架、光学玻璃眼镜片毛坯、眼镜镜片、光学树脂镜片、老视镜、配装眼镜、光致变色眼镜片毛坯、太阳镜、软性亲水接触镜、硬性角膜接触镜、机动车驾驶员专用眼镜、个人眼睛和面部防护装置等眼镜产品的检验能力。   中心主要开展的业务:质量检验、仲裁检验、标准研究、技术交流、科研开发、培训与咨询等工作。   经过几年的建设与发展,本中心拥有一整套完善和持续改进的质量管理体系,能对影响检验工作质量的各个环节实施有效控制和严格管理,完全可为委托方出具科学、准确、公正具有法律效力的检测数据。中心将坚持以顾客满意为宗旨、以科学公正的工作质量为核心,真诚、周全、及时为社会和客户提供科学、公正、准确的检测服务。 Brief Introduction of National Ophthalmic Optics Testing Centre   National Iuspetion &Testing Centre for Ophthalmic Optics Products (NOTC) is authorized by AQSIQ in June,2006. All the test items passed the National Metrological Ceritification、Laboratory Assessment. NOTC has achieved the global recognition of one inspection in the center by signed the international multilateral agreements with the CNAS. NOTC has the abumdant and excellent staff. There are 26 professinals, inclnding 3 prifessors, 4 senior engineers, 16 engineers and 3 assistant, engineers. The lab area occupies 4700 sq.m. The constant temperature and humidity area is 60sq.m. NOTC owns 40 sets homemade instruments & equipments and 35 sets imported equipment . The total value of facilities is amount to RMB 24 million yuan. All these equipment are at the advanced level and NOTC is the most authoritative national quality inspection center for Ophthalmic Optics Products of home and abroad. Meanwhile, NOTC has heen authorized testing lab to issue the production licence by China Industrial Products Licences Office and also is the appointed testing lab on CE, E-mark products certification.   NOTC set up following deparfments :General Engineer Department, Standard & information Department, Affairs Department, Technology Deparment, Testing Department, Marketing Department, Research & Development Centre.   Testing Range: All testing items cover any of relevant national standard、trade standard and ISO、EN、ANSI、BS、DIN and criterian on optice. NOTC has the ability to inspect on:   ·Spectacle frame·Optical glass blanks·Glass lenses·Goggles ·Resin lenses·Spectacle assembling·Photochromic lens blanks·Sunglasses·Contact lens.   Main Bussiness: Quality Testing. Arbitration Testing. Standard research. Technology Exchange、 Science development、Training & consultancy.   During several year’s construction and development, NOTC has built up good quality coutrol system. To make the clients satisfactory is our tenet. By the quality with science and fair is our core. NOTC will offer excellent service to the social and clients sincerely, thoughfully and timely all the way.